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Do things work OK locally, simplex and the repeaters? Check

Have you checked for obvious problems, corrosion, kinked or abraded cables, bad PL-259 connector? It actually works pretty well. I don't seem to have quite the reach of others even at 50W

For example, corrosion of the NMO. My memory is that the underside of the NMO was exposed and it's pretty important to keep water intrusion to a mimimum. They are designed to be mounted in sheet metal and there is no attempt to made the coax side of NMOs weather tight, so when they are mounted on brackets there needs liberal use of silicone caulk.
Check. I went by HRO and they recommended this gooey tape seal stuff. Well-slathered.

Do you seem to hear the repeater OK? Really well. Can you get into the repeater in GJ and/or along I-70 anywhere? Having any trouble with other CCR machines, Denver, Breck, Vail, Glenwood? I hit other repeaters but can't seem to get tone on that one.

Can you tell if the radio happens to be in low power? IIRC, the FT-7800 shows no indication if you are using 50W but shows 'L' and 'M' for lower TX power. Could be a mistake in the programming that we put the GJ CCR location at 10W instead of 50W. I've tried all power levels.

Like I say... probably something really obvious. To everyone but me. My brain is full from work and boost info... LOL The antenna I got from HRO is very vulnerable to trail damage, dang it. I really wanted a long flexible one or a spring mount or something but they steered me away since getting out there was important to me. Might be a bad choice for my use I guess.
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