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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
I ran Fins & Things with Phil Simmons when he was in his bone-stock taco x-cab. Only issue was slight dragging of the underside of the rear bumper on some of the ledges. The only damage was some slight scratches to the chrome where you couldn't see it anyway. There were no spots whatsoever where he needed sliders. I have also led Chicken Corner a number of times. It is Subaru Grade. I can't speak to 7 mile as I haven't run it (It is a new trail this year), but if you have worries your trail leader can help spot you over difficult stuff. Over the years I have taken pride on spotting newbies in their bone stock rigs over stuff they didn't know they could do, with no damage to their rigs. You'd be surprised what a stock Toyota 4x4 can do!

Hello Jeff, i also ran with Phil, but he was quite experienced, and he did scape up his bumper pretty good... He said he did not care because he planned to replace them anyway (always had an awsome attitude)... All the trails have been getting more dug out over the years as well.. I used to be able to do the Widow Maker in the Runner... that is no longer the case, and my rig did not change..

As far as Fins and things, coming down several spots before crossing the road (the first section) were worse and had less forgiving places for a long wheel base then the second half.. As you are very familiar there are bypasses for many places, including Kenny's climb but several of the climbs after Kennys are tail draggers for longer rigs to get started on... I bring this up because they may be able to join after the first section (i have had to do this in the past because of CM business).. had a great time.

That said, ther are plenty of cool places and mellow trails to enjoy in the area. Several have been mentioned, but there is also Looking Glass road to the "dirt road" that is a back way to the needles overlook.. This is pretty cool and goes by several "cave communities" that i found facinating... If they come out and are nervous with any of the trails, more than likely they can ride with someone else (especially with so many more wagons coming nowadays). or find some other great rides. So much to explore, so little time
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