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I'm in a similar situation, my armored 80 is in storage in IL, and we are in ID and will be attending CM in my wife's 80 which only has an ARB front bumper, OME J's front/rear, 315 cooper stt's, e-lockers and a factory hitch.

We're signed up for Th-porcupine, FRI-poison spider, and Sat-hells revenge. I haven't been on any of these trails so I don't know what to expect. I was planning on making some sliders with the help from a neighbor, but he's been too busy.

I also posted on the mud thread linked above. Do you think I should bail on some of these trails so my wife doesn't send me to the dog house with an expensive rocker panel repair bill after CM? If it was my 80 I wouldn't care as much.
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