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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Those are fine Marco. For phone all you need to say is like "You're 59" or "I copy 5 by 9". You always give them in R-S-T order and 59 is tip-top, 36 would be a middle of the road and 22 would be about the lowest above noise.
I am not sure that this was explained, but the "59" Dave uses is part of the RST code. RST stands for

The R stands for "Readability". Readability is a qualitative assessment of how easy or difficult it is to correctly copy the information being sent during the transmission. In a Morse code transmission, readability refers to how easy or difficult it is to distinguish each of the characters in the text of the message being sent; in a voice transmission, readability refers to how easy or difficult it is for each spoken word to be understood correctly. Readability is measured on a scale of 1 to 5.

The S stands for "Strength". Strength is an assessment of how powerful the received signal is at the receiving location. Although an accurate signal strength meter can determine a quantitative value for signal strength, in practice this portion of the RST code is a qualitative assessment, often made based on the S meter of the radio receiver at the location of signal reception. "Strength" is measured on a scale of 1 to 9.

The T stands for "Tone". Tone is used only used in Morse code and digital transmissions and is therefore omitted during voice operations. With modern transmitter technology, imperfections in the quality of the transmitter modulation that can be detected by humans are rare. Tone is measured on a scale of 1 to 9.

Readability is kind of a seat-of-the-pants thing. If someone is down in the weeds, he or she is a 1-2. If you can barely make out what they are saying, but not every word, then maybe 3-4. 5 indicates that each word is understandable.

Strength is right in front of you. Just estimate it off of the meter on your radio.

Most contest operators just give 5-9 more as a courtesy and to be quick. No one wants to hear anybody argue over signal. Plus, once you have 5-9 (or for code 5-9-9) down, its easy.

For our purposes, we just say the two numbers together. Like apple pie and ice cream. 5-9 means you're golden.

"Full quieting" is another term someone might hear on the FM side. Full quieting is when there is no static heard when a station is using a repeater. If the repeater doesn't miss any of the transmission, it is full quieting.

Carry on...
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