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Default Driving Thru Denver Saturday

Hi Guys,
I will be driving thru Denver Saturday from Albany to Moab.
I am leaving Albany Thursday after work.
You can track my last 60 minutes via APRS here:

Last year I was thru Denver during breakfast time. I was wondering if maybe I can entice some of you to come out and have breakfast with me.

As I get closer to Denver, I can be on VHF simplex or a repeater. Please let me know which one.

I will also be on 40M for regional communications. My best SWR is 7.188 so I will be traveling at night on that.

Day time I will be traveling on 20M using 14.342.00 or 14.343.

Feel free to suggest other frequencies, being compromised mobile system, I wan to stay on at the lowest SWR with out moving frequencies too much.

So that I can have something to do, I will be CQing on these frequencies.
96 LX450
Albany, NY
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