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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Sounds even simpler. 7.188 all the way. :-)

One thing still worries me about the 40M. When I transmit it makes my LX450 squirm.
The fan is automatic, but when I transmit it goes full speed.
I can see some light at the dashboard, lights up dimly (the orange lockers light) and sometime something is chirping in the dashboard. Only does it on 40M.

But just driving constant on 40M is a lot more practical. While stationary, I can mount a full 1/4 wave 20M using Buddipole components so I am not entirely giving DXing while way.
I got that in my '95 FZJ80. Only on 40M. Made a horrible buzzing sound when tuning up or transmitting. I thought it was my screwdriver antenna. Must be something internally with the wiring. Dave?

I will be gearing up to leave around that time, but will be monitoring the Colorado Connection all the way. No HF this year. Had it for the past few, but new rig means new ways to mount the toys...
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