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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
My truck is an EMI nightmare
Made a significant change last night. I installed my common mode choke that uses 50 ferrite beads on a length of RG-58. They are mix #31 and it replaced the toroid I had the HF feedline wrapped around. This morning I gave 40m a shot and nary a tick to be heard, just that blessed sound of the cosmos. Yippee! I'm wondering now if the ferrite I had was maybe not the mix I thought it was now. On 6m the ignition noise is evident but doesn't move the S-meter, which is exactly what I would expect with ferrite #31, that it would be much less effective at 50MHz than 7Mhz.

BTW, heard a Japan station on 40m at 7:15 local. He was obviously having QSO with someone I could not hear, so I didn't burst in. He was only S5-ish, something that was normally swamped.
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