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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
Some other common issues are;

Parking brake (please practice on flat ground prior to your arrival in Moab)
Fire extinguisher
Cb radio (make sure it works, you buy the beer if you squelch every time you talk)
Excessive play in steering.
No spare tire (don't want to start a debate with the 40" tire crowd, this is for the guy with 33's) Have a good spare tire mounted to your truck and the tools to change it. Many newer trucks have keys to lower the spare or special anti theft lugnuts.

If you have difficulties like, "sometimes it overheats" or "it makes a clicking sound when I turn left" please resolve these issues prior to your arrival in Moab. Solving problems wednesday night at camp or on trail with 20 rigs waiting is not the appropriate place.
Does that mean the guys with larger tires don't need spares? I am at 39.5 right now and have a spare...............but do I need to bring it? I think I will anyhow..........but I just wanted to know the rules. Thanks.
84 truggy v8/dual cases/40's/cutting brakes/hydro steering/ etc................
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