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Yes, bring your spare.

If you're a hard core buggy guy and you're going to be running BFE trails exclusively then I assume you will be trailering your rig out there. If so then it's your call on whether you actually have a spare on board the rig or just on the trailer. I'm assuming you either have a tire repair kit, fixaflat or are willing to drive yourself out of a trail on a flat tire.

If you are running any of the non-BFE trails and you plan on driving to them, then you need to have a spare that meets the minimums. I know all the arguements about the durability of the larger tires and the ability to drive out on a flat if needed. I run 42's and have a 37" spare on the rig and a full size spare on the trailer.

This rule is more about courtesy to the other 19 rigs on your trail so you can change a flat and keep up with the group if required.
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