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Default high SWR on short antenna

I set up a bracket on the roof rack for the ham antenna. I got the big bad-arse diamond sg7900 and the a short SBB1. the sg7900 shows like 1.2 swr. , but the stubby antenna is at like 3.2 or more! I don't want to cook my radio. (btw, I got the sbb1, then returned it for a different style/model but still bad swr)

I grounded the bracket to the difference in swr. I then took my long aligator clips to find maybe a better difference.

the antenna is mounted near the front of the gamiviti rack - could the signal be reflecting that badly off the front of the rack.

John at HRO said these little antennas like a DC ground. (direct chassis??) it dumb to drive to Moab with a 5' tall ham antenna on my roof?
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