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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
I set up a bracket on the roof rack for the ham antenna. I got the big bad-arse diamond sg7900 and the a short SBB1. the sg7900 shows like 1.2 swr. , but the stubby antenna is at like 3.2 or more! I don't want to cook my radio. (btw, I got the sbb1, then returned it for a different style/model but still bad swr)

I grounded the bracket to the difference in swr. I then took my long aligator clips to find maybe a better difference.

the antenna is mounted near the front of the gamiviti rack - could the signal be reflecting that badly off the front of the rack.

John at HRO said these little antennas like a DC ground. (direct chassis??) it dumb to drive to Moab with a 5' tall ham antenna on my roof?
I just mounted a 48" Comet SBB25 on my 40 and Dave put his meter on it and I had consistent (high) 2.5 SWR also. We tried grounding it and nothing. He said it's just the nature of the beast with these Japanese antennas. We also tried putting 2 other borrowed antennas on (long and stubby) and the SWR was still high.

I would just run your 5'. Not like you're going through trees or anything on the way to Moab. Just remember it's there when you pull in the fast food drive through.

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