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Still have long hair (well, for me anyway).

Turbo won't be back in time for CM.

So I ran to the junkyard and found a Saab 900 with a T3 on it.
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The engine is ready to start, with ONE exception--the turbo from the junkyard needs a different oil return line, so I'll go see what I can find in town tomorrow morning. If nothing, then I'll see what I can weld up. Roll cage got clear coated for the final time and is in the truck. I may not have the doors or top on, but if I can get the turbo oil drain situated tomorrow morning, I should have time to get an exhaust made, get it inspected by the state, and leave straight from the state inspection office to be in Moab by wednesday evening. That's the plan anyhow. If that fails, then wednesday morning I'll fly back to DIA, grab the faux-lux and be in Moab by evening...

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