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So, the 40 isn't coming to Moab.

Basically, it came down to hose clamps and time. I ran out of hose clamps so I couldn't fill it with coolant. Since I couldn't drive it around this afternoon to get an exhaust put on, I won't have time to get exhaust and alignment done tomorrow and still make it to Moab in a timely manner.

So, I'm off to DIA tomorrow morning and I'll be bringing the faux-lux instead. No biggie, I love the faux-lux too.

The pictures don't show all of the little bits that were tightened up today (like the body being aligned and tightened--with the exception of the left fender), but the running boards make it look more complete, and the hi-lift always looks good there, IMHO.
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See you guys Wednesday evening!

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