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I really appreciated the kindness of the group in helping get me off the trail. Mike had the great idea to remove the drive flange, but the birf had broken and put so much pressure on it that they chiseled it off and it took about an hour and half. I then limped off the trail where I troe it down and found the bell and broken inside and the shaft and bell had seperated. The shaft breakage could have been from driving it off the trail.

Lucky for me I was camped next to cdan so had all the parts I needed to get it back together. My friends from the Arizona club came up and kind of pushed me aside and put it back together. It's nice to have friends.

Worked great on Thursday on tip toe behind the rocks, great run with Hugh from Safari leading. I started to develop a bug Thursday morning that got worse by evening. I crashed at 9PM on vendor night and slept till 11 the next morning feeling even worse.

After loading up on dayquil, I decided it wasnt helping so I packed up and came home, where I have been on the couch since Friday 7PM. I was much worse Saturday and I know I made the right call to come home when I did.

It was a great time while I was out there, but sorry I missed the Dinner, hanging out with many good friends and leading Fins on Saturday. I hope you were able to find someone to lead that.

A few shots

Mike on Kane Creek
Dave Brown - Roller coaster - TTBTR
Hughes cool 75 series

Two Kimberley Kampers (Cdan and Me) Hants was just down a few spots
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