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I do not have a gps track, but some info on it I can provide. It starts out of Mile 2 on the colorado side of I 70 at the Rabbit valley exit. It goes along the colorado (some times close and some time far away. It ends up over near Cisco, and we camped at Fish Ford the first night. After Cisco, we hit the paved road for a bit and connected with the trail again over near Dewey Bridge, and wondered around the dome plateau area a bit before crossing the bridge and colorado river an getting around the Top of the world area.
Then after staying on the Kokopelli trail some more we ended up over near Onion creek and then into Thompson Canyon then over into the La Sal National Forest till we came up and over a couple ridges and into a sand flats rec road that starts near Porcupine Ridge trail in Sand flats rec area.

Anyhow it is moslty famous for a Mountain Bike trail, it is in the north Moab Trail map that can be had at most local Colorado REI's. It is called the Kokopelli trail on the map.
Some one stated that there is a GPS track on line if you google Kokopelli and search a bit.
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