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Originally Posted by Chris Sandstorm 4Rnr View Post
Any more pics on the flopped 40?

How did you guys recover it?

Gary, your spotting on Hell's was incredible! I saw the video, never saw that line at the top, really smooth!

Brady, what trails didn't you do? Pretty nice run of trails this year, jealous...
If you click on the link under the pics I posted earlier there is as close to frame by frame of the roll as I could get. At the end of the album are some pics of the damage he sustained.

Recovery was fairly easy. He was at enough of a side angle that we just pushed it back over. After a once over on the damage and some pushing and pulling on the front clip he gave the starter a couple bumps to make sure it wasn't hydrolocked then fired it right up. Not one single puff of smoke. He then drove it up the bypass and to the top of the hill where he changed out the right rear tire (wheel bent?) and gave it a through inspection. He finished the trail (as far as we went) and other than some minor rubbing of the fan on the shroud when the body flexed he had no problems.
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