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Some thoughts on the subject:

I ran 1 Echo last year and had a blast. I spent more time on the air and covered more spectrum 'cuz the emphasis was on radio and less on camping but the spirit of FD was missing, it would have been a bit more interesting if I was 1 Alpha. I like operating on FD more for the volume of contacts rather than the contest aspect but I wonder if I could have had more QSO's if I was 1 Alpha. I *think* the point multiplier is higher for Alpha stations.

This year I'd like to split the difference. I don't mind pitching a tent, but having a few mod-cons would allow for more air time.

Setting up some place close to town would allow other club members a chance to come and go, for a few hours, as their weekend plans allow.

WiFi or a mobile hotspot, I used DX Sherlock last year to track propagation and was able to make some great contacts on 6 and 10 as the bands came up.

Trees, having a way to fly some wire w/o having to set up a bunch of masts would save time and frustration.

An amp would be great. I've only been able to brake a few pile-ups but I would love trying to manage one OTOH having one only creates problems powering it up.

6 and 10, there is a rule change this year to encourage more VHF stations to get on the air. Last year I made contacts on 6 as far east as TN and OH and west to OR and CA. 10 was good to TX, CA and SD. Heather had fun making contacts on 6 and 10 as her privileges allowed. I'm thinking that having 1 rig dedicated to these upper bands would allow the Tech Class members of the club a chance to exercise their privileges.

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