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Default Electrical load test - 12v socket

Several times over the last couple of years I've had issues with my ARB fridge "shutting down" when the truck is parked. It throws an error code, which I've diagnosed as an auto shut-off feature on the fridge when the battery dips below a certain voltage level. The shut down threshold has 3 settings, and I have mine set at the lowest level (since I have an aux battery), which is around 10.5 volts. Fortunately, it runs fine when I'm driving, and the fridge seals well enough where I haven't had issues keeping my beer cold.

The battery threw the error again a couple days after I got back from Moab, so I did some testing.

- 12.04 volts at the battery.
- 12.04 volts at the 12 volt socket on the back of the 80.

but the fridge thinks it's much lower when the compressor cycles on.

My next theory is that the voltage is good at steady state, but when the load from the fridge cycles on, there is a drop that causes the system to shut back down. What is the best way to test this? And what might cause this behavior? My guesses are:

- insufficient wiring from fuse block to outlet (I've got around 6' of 18g wire).
- inadequate wiring in power socket (I've got a marine locking socket)
- battery is dying (no evidence of this)

Toss out any ideas you have.
- Matt
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