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Default CM11 Feedback

Well, we have another fun and succesful Cruise Moab behind us. The CM11 committee will soon begin the "lessons learned" process of reviewing what went well this year and where we can improve for the future. Our first meeting for that purpose will be this Wednesday night.

Please provide your honest feedback and suggestions here or directly to a committee member.

Let me start it off with my thoughts:

Vendor night at SRCG worked well, plenty of room, easy access, no driving required (keeping in mind all of the free beer given away ).

The dinner was excellent and the tent/Archway location was good except we shouldn't advertise it as being within close walking distance. Since there was so much space for parking available lets make sure folks know how far it is and can drive to it unless they really like long hikes (especially if they have to carry raffle prizes back). I thought the bathrooms we had setup there worked well.

I felt like the raffle went well, we finished exactly on schedule. It's always nice to have more/better prizes but I thought we had pretty nice stuff this year.

SRCG worked OK for me with the usual caveats that the bathrooms are functional but nothing to brag about AND the cottonwood fuzz is a pain and we know it is a real fire risk when it accumulates in quantity.

Tech inspection seemed to go well and the trail runs were excellent as usual.

I think if we decide to stay at SRCG next year we should consider signing a contract with the campground owners where we pay them to bring in additional portable bathroom/shower units and/or increase the cleaning/stocking of the existing bathrooms.

I'm not sure how we avoid the cottonwood fuzz without moving the event earlier, which then puts us at greater risk for cold/rainy/snowy weather. It was fantastic that we had warm, sunny weather all week this year. Any chance of moving it a week or two later than when we did it this year, or does that put us outside our permit limitations?

If we want to consider going back to BFE next year, lets try to do it without simply passing on the considerable infrstructure cost to the participants. We should consider major sponsor financial support and subcontracting all of the infrastructure setup/operation/teardown via contract with the owners of BFE. They have offered to provide this service. I think if you start early enough, put it in a formal contract where they don't get paid unless they perform, you can ensure a quality setup without placing 100% of the burden on committee members and volunteers.
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