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I didn't get a chance to enjoy the dinner/raffle, but I did at least drive over there before we spent 5 hours in the ER. It was reasonably close, but I still feel like a true on-site dinner should be our goal. Driving to the Bar M sucked, and I'm glad that's behind us. But even driving a 1/2 mile - 1 mile down the road puts us at risk for drinking and driving issues, and makes it harder for families to participate in the full dinner and raffle.

I thought the canvas bag was a great idea, as was the water bottle. I thought the printed booklet with maps was cool, although if it was costly I'd question the value since so many people have maps, gps's and other tools for routing finding. But as a marketing brochure, I enjoyed flipping through it.

And going back to Slickrock reminded me how much I hate that place. If I can drink enough and pass out it's fine, but the family is pretty close to bowing out because it's not conducive to getting a good night sleep, and it's just too crammed in there. I definitely provides some advantages for the overall event, but keeping my wife and kids happy in that place is getting harder and harder.
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