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Moving back to Denver last year, I'm looking forward to participating more with Rising Sun in the near future.

I did, however, get a last-minute opportunity (thank you) to formally participate. Being mostly away from CM/RS for 8 years I can very clearly say this year's CM was one of the best I had ever attended. +1 on kudos to Rudy.

Sorry, but SRCG is akin to a detention center. That place would rock if I had a camper (I don't) and the family did not come out. My wife and fam will never return to SRGC from past experience, and I'd like them be able to enjoy it too. It is not Cruise Moab's fault, it's just a tight and dirty fit in there.

I'm not necessarily/personally suggesting this, but renting a large HQ location and allowing folks to determine their own lodging is something I've heard lots of folks (mostly spouses actually) mumble over the years. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy more brews than I should for sure, but keeping it localized to facilitate safe drinking should be the goal?

There are never easy and agreeable answers to these and I applaud everyone who planned and organized this. If I could be of any help next year in assisting, I would be honored to do so, look forward to more.
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