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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
The dinner and giant tent in the Archway Inn parking lot were absolutely fantastic. It was super close to Slickrock Campground. It was a great atmosphere and the raffle went off nicely. The meal was decent, too, although I remember the food being better last year.

One thing that I was disappointed by was that the shirt size I had pre-ordered for my son was no longer available when I showed up to check in Thursday afternoon (I was on the overnight run so I checked in late). It seems like we should pull the shirts for people who pre-order so they get the sizes they paid for.

I also think Stephen Rudy is an awesome ambassador of the club. Time after time, people stopped by to ask about changing trails. He dealt with each one of them cheerfully. The Trail Boss is a tough job, but dealing with it in such a friendly manner makes everyone's experience at CM just that much better.

The one thing we could do for Slickrock would be to pay for additional cleanings. I'm betting they clean the bathrooms once a day. If we paid for 3 cleanings a day, they would be much, much better.

I hate the cotton with a passion. If it wasn't for the cotton and the dirty bathrooms, Slickrock Campground would be ideal.
X2 on what Matt said about the shirts but for the sweatshirts, I had orderd a large and by the time I go there on Thursday after the over nighter, my size sweatshirt was no longer available. I was kind of bummed the shirts were 50/50..

We did not get to eat either due to kid related stuff, but when we all rallied, the dinner/raffle looked like a hit.

The Archway playground was a key!!

We stayed at the Moab Springs Condos accross the street from Slick Rock campground.. very nice but we had our share of coton wood issues also, so not sure you can get away from that.t

Man, I stand corrected, I was totally against Vendor night being at SRCG but it rocked! As did the entire event, you all really hit it out of the park this year!

Way to go committee!

How about 3 overnighters to choose from next year? Seems even with 2 they sold out fast..
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