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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
One thing that I was disappointed by was that the shirt size I had pre-ordered for my son was no longer available when I showed up to check in Thursday afternoon (I was on the overnight run so I checked in late). It seems like we should pull the shirts for people who pre-order so they get the sizes they paid for.
I ordered more of every size of shirts to cover all the pre-sold shirts as well as having extra to sell. However obviously not as many in the kids sizes.

I think we must have spaced the overnight run people. Out of sight out of mind.

It was my first year with merchandise and I learned a lot. I hope people enjoyed the colors as well as new long sleeve T's.

Things learned. This should be added to the list.

1. Get shirts earlier and pack welcome packets for overnight people.
2. Woman's shirts were very small for their sized. Check what Matt ordered last time and go back to that style.

For the record I am done with SRCG. It was not a fun experience to stay in that POS. I have a motorhome and I don't have to deal with the bathrooms, but the cottonwoods and worms does not make for a fun camping experience.

I am all for BFW and have them put the infrastructure in for a fee.
Christo Slee
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