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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Throwing out some ideas as food for thought and further discussion:

Make a deal with Archway to rent their dirt area for the duration of the event. Make the tent a little (maybe a lot) bigger (there was tons of room) and set up registration, tech inspection and vendor night there too. Have the porta-johns there the entire time the tent is present. The committee could rent a few rooms or a even a small conference room at Archway. You could possibly even do the registration inside and have the trail boss event HQ there. That would make it easy to lock up stuff at the end of each day.

That way some folks could just stay at Archway, thats the incentive for Archway to give us good rates, etc. We make it the "official" hotel for CM and maybe they give special room rates for folks who book in advance.

That way everyone can decide to either stay at Archway (or some other hotel) camp at SRCG or camp in some wilderness area. It would still be a quick drive over to event HQ for anyone not staying at Archway (committee members, volunteers, participants, etc) from just about any where except BFE or other remote campsites.
This is how they do it at the FJSummit in Ouray. Really might be helpful to see this event by a few CM12 committee members. Vendors pop-ups stay set up the entire event. They are out playing all day with attendees but at the end of the day, they are their to show their stuff. It is a great meeting place where folks meander about and then they have 3 nights of food included...Presentations under the tent in the evening, etc..So this is the place to be. I am not saying do CM like the FJSummit but it might give ideas for future CM plans.
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