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Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post
ARB has a device that is supposed to be able to simulate the load and test the socket. I think the bottom line is the ARB fridge has a high start up current requirement and a lot of wiring / sockets does not like that. I would go away from the 12 v plug and use an mini Andersen plug

Those might be overkill, but like the idea. I've wired a pigtail using 45 amp Andersen Powerpoles (Series PP) so that I can run my Engel from a ham station supply. I've converted most everything to Powerpoles and the 15, 30 and 45 amp ones are all compatible with each other. They have 75, 120 and 180 amp ones, but they are all physically larger and aren't directly compatible with the smaller ones. The ones you link are also made my Andersen, but are called the Series SB. The reason I went with the PP models is they are VERY common and usually standard with hams, ARES, RACES and many commercial radio and EMCOMM organizations. So finding a ~13.8V battery-, genset- or mains-based supply with them is not a problem.

Lose the cigarette outlet, put one of these in its place.

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