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Kudos to all of the committee, leaders, gunners, vendors, sponsors, etc. who put together a great event. This was my first CM, and I had a blast.

I'll echo the couple of negatives on SRCG. I've been in quite a few campgrounds, and while I understand that the dirt out there is just dusty, there were still other things that left a bit to be desired. I'd be hard pressed getting my wife and soon to be kid to come out and stay there for sure. Restocking the bathrooms would go a long way though.

The trail leadership and gunning was top notch. It was a blast to ride right in front of DougDad at the back of the pack the first two days. He was always there with tips to help my driving, and always with a really helpful spirit. I really appreciated him giving me spots via the radio as I was going over obstacles. Turns out my truck has more clearance than I thought it did

The dinner and raffle were great. Hal and I had a great time selling tickets before hand, even if we were a little bit slow at it being first timers. It was a fun way to meet a bunch of folks really quickly. I was hoping that 1650 miles was good for the iron butt, but it certainly didn't even come CLOSE to 2500

I've only had experience putting vehicles through tech for SCCA Autocross and track day type events, so tech seemed pretty laid back to me. That's more of an observation than criticism though, as it seemed everyone was pretty honest about their rigs.

Vendor night was really fun as well. For an offroading newbie it was cool to see a lot of products being demonstrated that I'd only read about online before. It became immediately apparent why the ARB valve core deflator was worth $40. It was also cool to meet the guys from Metal Tech in person after having gotten really good phone support when I purchased my suspension components from them.
Oh, and there was the free, cold, . That always goes a long way in my book .

One suggestion. As a first timer, It'd be really cool to have a "Newbie's Corner" or something like that. I would envision maybe 30 minutes for people who have only done one other event, or no other events, to get some insight from some of the veterans. There were some things I learned out on the trail that were great tips, that if I'd picked up before hand may not have delayed the group some. I don't know how some folks would perceive it though, maybe make it optional. I know I can be one to ask too many questions instead of just going and doing.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip with a couple of good friends, and it was great to meet a bunch of new people too.


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