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Another great CM. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Even though Slickrock is dirty and congested, it fits the bill for the event and having everyone close by for hanging out is nice. I stayed in a condo with my wife and daughter this year, and although it was clean and nice, I felt disconnected from the event and didn't do any socializing. I probably won't be bringing the fam again, so staying in Slickrock myself isn't so bad.

My only suggestions:

If the booklet with maps, trail meeting places and Ham/CB channels is done again, make sure the locations for the meetup are correct. I almost missed my Friday run because both the directions and the Ham channel were incorrect in the book.

I liked the tent and raffle dinner at Archway. The food was better than Bar M, and the close proximity was nice. I was just wondering why the tent sides weren't opened wide from the start. It was Hot, Dusty and loud in there.

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