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Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
Well Randy you really do not have a 40, but a buggie.
Don't forget we still have the Blue Mule when a less buggified vehicle is appropriate. It has the stock 16 gal (I think?) tank and a 6 gal jerry can on the tire carrier. I could probably rig up a couple more external can mounts if needed. It has the 2F, H61 4 spd and orion TC. If you can run most of the trail in high range using the granny 1st gear of the H61 the mileage will be a lot better. If it's mostly low range stuff then the 4-1 ratio of the orion becomes a factor. It has 4.88 gears and 37" IROK radials.

We drove from our house in Franktown up to the snowrun location this year, spent a lot of time churning around in the snow in low range and made it back home on the same tank of gas. Sounds like we could probably make it without too much extra effort.

The Meanie is actually just as roadable as the Mule but doesn't have much storage space in the back for tents & coolers and such.

Anyone that couldn't make it to Moab interested in doing this as a club run some time this summer before it gets too hot?
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