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Nice designs! I love the color of that 40 :-)

I like the way the fixed part of the carrier frame clears the tail lamps, but allows full access to the lower part of the bed.

Looks like the wiring harness could use some work :-O

Looks like some serious fender trimming going on with that rig. Is the slider bolted or welded to the frame, in addition to being bolted to the lower rocker panel sheet metal?

Except for Dave Brown and Bruce Miller's T-Rex 40 series sliders, most people I've seen usually bolt or weld some angle iron to the underside of the lower rocker panel, and yank the step panels. The step panels on my 71 are pretty beat up, and I can see why people put sliders there, but they don't look near as bad a stock wagons with no sliders. Seems like wagons and runner's rockers are a lot more vulnerable than shorty 40's.
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