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I have learned that riding to an event has two great benefits: one, your truck is safe at home. two, you have a lot of time in the car to type on the laptop, while the memories are still fresh. Hope you have a full cup of coffee and enjoy the following...

Months ago the wife and I set our calendars for the last weekend in September to go to Moab with some friends. Take our 13-month-old son, some bikes, the camper… do the family thing in the desert one last time before winter. Then two weeks beforehand the wife’s best friend backs out, can’t get the time off. So now the trip is reduced to just us, and driving 6 hours with the kid to a place with no bathroom suddenly doesn’t sound that appealing to the wife anymore. So in my best attempt at putting her needs first, I suggest “you know if you really don’t want to go camping, I could drive out with Ken to Flat Nasty in Missouri… I do already have those days off.” Without much discussion, the time away was approved, and the wheels were in motion. Road trip!!!

Arrived at Romer’s house only about an hour late, was tough saying goodbye to the wife and son. But they are wonderful at supporting me and my Cruiser-centric needs, and know I’ll be safe and will return soon with many stories to tell. I mean, how could I pass up a road trip with my buddy Ken, and attend a TLCA event I know absolutely nothing about? This was truly an opportunity, and I’m especially excited since the only TLCA even I’ve know is Cruise Moab I’m hoping to learn a few things as well, and meet some new folks from the boards.

I didn’t bring much with me- some clothes, my sleeping bag, a pillow.. even forgot my MP3 player. Didn’t matter at all since Ken had thought of everything. As long as I pull my wallet out every 250 miles or so he assured me I wouldn’t be hungry or thirsty all week.. sounded like a fair deal to me so away we go. As I write this it’s 10:05 PM Mountain time, we’re still in Colorado almost to the Kansas border, we figure we’ll be there around noon tomorrow if we stay on pace.

Wednesday started with the surreal feeling of having stayed up all night. Despite a few naps in the car, we were both feeling pretty wired and a little out of it as we sat in a Jefferson City diner for a quick breakfast. Two more hours and we’d be at Flat Nasty, so the attitude of “lets just get there” presided over any other conversation or idea of side trip. As we gassed up for the 6th time of the journey (I was wrong before, more like 150 miles per tank) we set down the rolling hills of central Missouri.

There is a different road naming scheme here than we’re used to. We left the 72’s and 19’s then found our way to “K” road, then “ZZ,” making sure we didn’t take a wrong turn on “Z” or “B” or any other letter in between. But the directions provided by Tornado Alley were perfect, and we found Flat Nasty at about 11:00 local time. We’re greeted at the top by Sheila, who is the camp owner along with husband Rob. She has us sign their waiver form, hands us a couple trail maps, then sends us down the hill. The trails are rated like a ski area: greens, yellows, & blacks (blues are ATV-only).. all spread across this 850 acre parcel with a camp site smack dab in the middle. Man this is cool. One the way down to camp we meet Ron who’s driving back up to the front in one of his trail rigs, a built-up Mini truck.
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