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Wednesday night was a fairly typical “first night” at the event. There are probably 25 folks in attendance, and everyone did their best to mill about, introduce themselves, offer refreshments, and share stories into the evening. The stars that were visible once all the lights went out were absolutely incredible. Our camp was joined by Alan Loshbaugh, Craig the Pirate, a brief appearance by Kowboy, and of the FJ Cruiser team Robbie, Rod and Garret throughout the evening.

The evening was fairly mellow, and by 11:00 most everyone had found their sleeping bag. The clear night clouded up, and by 2:00 am it was pouring rain, a rain that lasted long into the next day. Glad we remembered to roll up the windows, and the Romer camper proved to be 100% leak free.

Thursday started out very wet, it rained off and on until about 11:00. some folks went wheeling on some short runs near the camp, I caught a ride with some Great Lakes 4Wheeler guys from Michigan, rode with John in a green 40 that had coils & a 4-link in back, leafs up front. Definitely a budget-mobile, but John knew it well and knew how to drive it. The other guy on the run was Dar, and he had an impressively built red 40. We made it about 10 feet up the trail from the valley in which we were all camped when the first obstacle revealed to Dar that his right front tire wasn’t turning. About 15 minutes later he had the hub swapped with an older one and all was well. This was “15 road,” one of the “black rated” trails, and by this time I was pretty eager to ride along on a more difficult run and meet some new folks.

The obstacles really don’t look that bad- in Colorado or Utah just about any of our trucks could walk right up this stuff, but the loose gravel and endless supply of thick black dirt made for very poor traction (especially after a few new inches of rain) but the 36” Boggers eventually prevailed and we made it up the hill & back down to camp in about 20 minutes.
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