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Hill & Gully

It’s always fun to finally meet old friends from the forums & lists for the first time, and it seemed appropriate that Ken & I lead a wagon run, inviting all the wagons plus anyone else who wanted to tag along. On the run was Romer in his LX, Tim A (Tarbe) is a nicely built FZJ, Buck (Buckru) in his unlocked FZJ, Nick Stone in a stock FJ60, and Robbie & Garret in a blue FJ Cruiser. We decided to run “Hill & Gully,” which is the longest “green” run. Robbie encouraged everyone who wanted to to drive the FJ, so being without a truck meant when I got kicked out of the FJ I got to drive just about everyone else’s rig while they took their turn, something I enjoyed very much. If you count moving Eric Christensen’s 40 under a canopy to get it out of the rain earlier in the morning, that day I drove a 40, a 60, a ‘94 80, a ‘97 80 (get to count those separate since they have different dashboards & trannys) and an FJ Cruiser.

The run itself was without any major incidents, a lot of steep ups & downs, loose dirt, and tight trees. These trails are all cut much narrower than what we’re used to, and the trees that line the runs come into play more than the rocks & roots beneath. We had to make 3 or 4 multi-point turns, and on the last descent back down to the main road Tarbe slid off the trail and had to be winched sideways using the FJ and a snatch block. He tried to take a corner wide (to avoid a tree) then got on the loose stuff and it was all over. We hooked the strap to his Hanna slider which did the job quite well, and Robbie turned the effort into a quick recovery lesson which everyone enjoyed very much.
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