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20 road

Our run on Friday was “20 road” which was the other long “green” run we hadn’t run yet. Romer again took the lead, and tended to aim right on all of the tight squeeze lines. We had about 12 trucks, including a private-owned FJ, two other FJ’s that were part of the Trail team, also Tarbe again, Buck, Jason (Moj), Brian Swearingen (Woody), Casey Campbell in his FZJ, a couple 40’s, a 60, and a few others I’m not remembering. This run proved to be even tighter than anything we’d done previously, and within the first mile we found ourselves approaching an off-camber corner that requires you to barely miss a tree on both sides. “You want a spot Ken?”
“No, I got it..” 3, 2, 1, bang! Aw crap.. Ken caught the top of the passenger door and rain gutter on a tree when the truck leaned more than expected, and smacked the top of the passenger door with a tree, which proceeded to slide across the rest of the rain gutter on that side as we passed.. Crap.. the phrase “man, Oleg’s going to love you” was heard more than a couple times this day, and we had to pound up on the rain gutter to get the PS door to close without smashing the gasket.

Also on this run another dent to the RR quarter panel mysteriously appeared just before the tail light, making the right side of Ken’s pretty LX look very much like a trail rig. I didn’t do any driving, but spent most of the day running outside, spotting the first half or so of the vehicles through the tight spots, Robbie spotting the latter half (which included the FJ’s). Everyone at camp who earlier told us “you’re going to be out there all day with that many trucks on 20” were pretty impressed that we were back in time for a late lunch, in time for some of us to take another run..
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