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5 Road

For the second run, Robbie wanted to do one of the “yellow” runs to give the Toyota camera crew some new footage, also wanted to keep it small so he & I in the FJ led Ken & Matt in Ken’s LX, and Woody, Moj, and Trainrech in Woody’s FZJ up to do road #5. Before we headed to the trail, Robbie needed to drop one of the camera guys up at a hardcore section to film some of the big guys, and both of them ended up staying up there. So whatever, we didn’t have the camera crew but ran the trail anyway, that’s why we’re here.

I drove the FJ out to the start of the trail, then down a fairly tight descent into another creek bed, where we proceeded to run up the dry creek. This trail was again tight, but this time a dirt bank also came into play, in addition to all the trees and rocks beneath. About midway on the trail, road #11 started off to the left, a nearly impossible hill climb. Local shops have put a “bounty” on this trail, anyone who does it gets a mess of prizes, including a free winch. The “easy button” on the left was absolutely priceless, I’m sure everyone got a picture the only one I took was from far away but you can see it on the tee to the left. We didn’t try it though, but pushed the button anyway.

Matt Farr took over driving the FJ about a third the way through for the middle portion of the trail, and did well with Robbie doing all of the spotting. I again took to walking, occasionally spotting Woody and Ken as needed. The run got progressively harder the further up the run we got, with the hardest obstacles just at the end. I drove Ken’s LX for some of the latter part of the trail, but got out before the final big obstacles. We thought we were going to be late for dinner, but as luck would have it the catering was running on the same pace as the rest of the event, and we had an hour or so to kill back at camp before the feed line started up. By now there much have been close to 100 people down here, and the camp sites stretched for about a quarter mile lining both sides of this big valley.
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