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The BBQ was pretty good, smoked Turkey & Pork, with beans, rolls, lemonade. They didn’t have any provisions for tables, chairs, or rain shelter, but no one seemed to mind and made do just fine. And the skies were clear so they got lucky with the weather as well. The raffle didn’t start until after dark, and everyone used camping lights and head lamps to check their numbers while Kowboy yelled out the tickets. They kept the pace moving very quick, you only got about 10 seconds to shout out you’re a winner before they’d burn the ticket and move on. It started with every kid getting a remote-controlled RC car. I won a couple prizes, mostly random car care products & t-shirts, the grand prize was a set of Pit Bull Grappler tires (33 12.50 16) and a Ramsey winch. Don’t remember who won those though, wasn’t me. Saddest part of the evening was Jason (Moj) had the first winning ticket for the tires, but he didn’t speak up in time (he had several sets of tickets to sort through) and by the time he realized it they’d already drawn another one. Here is a picture of the raffle…
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