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After the raffle we spent more time talking to Robbie back in the warm camper (oh, it got down to about 40 degrees or less every night, was quite cold), then we went down and shared a couple more stories with the Houston guys Tarbe and Buckru.. really great guys I hope they make it to Moab next spring.

Saturday the TLCA officers cooked breakfast, consisting of the basics eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes. We only got eggs, others only got pancakes, some got meat.. the production line couldn’t keep up with the eaters but it was a fine breakfast in any case. Then we tore down our camp and loaded up, followed by a very lazy morning talking to Woody who was repairing a brake light and Casey Campbell about which 80’s he should sell and which 80 he should keep. We hit the road by about 1:00, and hoped to be back in Denver by 03:00. Ken did most the driving on the way back, leaving me a lot of time to type up my report here..

I only drove for one tank of gas and got pulled over in Kansas for speeding, about 60 miles from Colorado. Cop said he clocked me at 89 then again at 84, but NFW it was more like 79 per our GPS & cruise control, but whatever it was a 70mph limit so I was going too fast. He let us go with a warning though, was actually a pretty nice guy, and it’s a great feeling to not have anything to hide or worry about when you see the lights in your mirror.

Got back to Romer’s at 2:40, I got home by about 3:20 then hopped in the shower. Thanks again Ken for an awesome time, I will certainly never forget it. Hope you all enjoyed the trip report, if you made it this far thanks for sticking with it!
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