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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
-The rotors are warped - apparently this is a common problem due to undersized calipers on the early Tundras. Both of my rotors have been turned and replaced before I bought the truck, and they're warped again. The solution is to swap out the calipers for a pair of 2004-2006 Tundra calipers. There is a TSB on this procedure, and the parts are something like $1700 from the dealer Still trying to figure out how to approach this one...
I took care of this upgrade today. 2004 Tundra calipers (a little different shape, part of the TSB), Brembo plain rotors, Hawk LTS brake pads. Hopefully this'll keep any brake pulsing at bay well, supposedly for good. We'll see. Anyone need a pair of S13WE calipers as an upgrade to their 4runner/Tacoma?

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
<snip>-I have to figure out what's squeaking in the front suspension, might have to replace my a-arm bushings, or maybe it's the fabtech coilover squeaking somehow...

-On the subject of the coilover, the truck needs new shocks too. I was thinking maybe taking it back to the OEM Bilsteins that came on the TRD package, but that's like $300 and I don't think they come with a lifetime warranty like Napa premiums do, still not sure on this one either, haven't looked into it a lot yet. And I'm not sure what is compatible with the coilovers either, need to look into that.
Well, this issue got somewhat pushed to the forefront today. I noticed while I was working on my brakes that my passenger side coilover shock is broken. The eye where it attaches to the lower a-arm is busted. It's a fox shock that came as part of the Fabtech coilover arrangement that the PPO bought/installed, so I guess I need to call Fox and see if they can do anything for me. Even though I'm planning on going back to the stock coilovers with OE-style Bilstein shocks, I was hoping to have this Fabtech setup as a backup for if I ever get a bumper and winch setup for the front. My driver's side shock is (and has been) leaking as well, so it's time for new shocks anyway.

I also noticed that my cv boot is torn on my driver's side, so I guess I need to replace that sooner rather than later. Should I just go ahead and replace both or should I just keep an eye on the other one for when it eventually tears?

Both of these issues along with the squeaking (which I think is worn out a-arm bushings) I guess are going to have to be dealt with soon, though I think I'll leave the bushing replacement to the experts since it involves the alignment, which I don't want to royally screw up. Supposedly some catastrophic failures can occur if I neglect the a-arm bushings and/or the cv joint? Oh the joys of vehicle ownership

But hey I saved >$20,000 by buying a used vehicle, so I can afford a few hundred $$ for the inevitable repairs right?

I would like to invite others' thoughts on this, as I've never owned/worked on a modern IFS 4x4 truck before. Tips/tricks/resources would be helpful
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