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Default Best place to buy topo software?

While working diligently on my homework, I realized I have yet to take advantage of a feature found on my Garmin GPS III+.

I have a 'frugal' 1.44MB of uploadable map space on my unit, but I have never used it. It looks like I can get more detailed map information from a "mapsource" software package such as TOPO Western USA.

According to my quick research, I should be able to load several counties of information into my old GPS III+. The Western USA covers Colorado and Utah so I could load detailed info on the places I'm likely to need my GPS.

Where is the best place to purchase said software? Is there a better software package recomendation you would like to share with a hiker/snowshoer/wheeler/mt. biker?

Online I found it new for $76 bucks+shipping.

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