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Originally Posted by daveIT View Post
Those look nice and I like supporting local business. Any issues/interference running antennas on front hood vs rear bumper?
thanks for the support! All things being equal, performance is typically worse on the rear bumper, compared to the side of the hood. Mainly due to the better ground plane, and not having your truck get in the way of propagation.


Is there a good flexible HAM antenna? If it's on my hood it may get wacked by a couple branches etc.
The Comet SBB-1 is a great choice, a lot of folks run it. It's a short, stubby, flexible dual-band antenna, will hit all the local repeaters, works great on the trail.. only time it falls short is longer distance simplex communications.

Diamond also makes a nice compact 1/4 wave, check out the AZ504SP

a lot of guys here run that Comet, with good results.
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