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the river crossing is part of the trail. they did have to leave it in the river where it ended up for a night. bill went back up with his 55 to retrieve it, but after getting it out, he blew the tranny on the 55. the mini is home but the 55 is still in tahoe. what's not seen is a newer ford crewcab that also had to cross (they had crossed earlier in the day, completed the trail and were on the way home). not sure if the ford has been rescued....really hope they just left it to float away and die...not a ford fan).

bill is very lucky. while there were a lot of rafters and kayakers, there was one guy who not only helped bill, but also helped the ford owners. he threw a life vest to bill as he paddled by and later later went back to retrieve bill, then went to help the ford guy and his girlfriend, but they went out by rope with their wheeling friends.
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