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Default Vail to Aspen

Hi, I posted this on ih8mud (been a member there for 6 years, here for about 6 minutes!), one of your members suggested posting here:

Heading to the Vail area next week for 10 days. Trailering my FJ40. My wife and I are planning to head to Aspen for a couple days in the FJ40, and I'm interested in doing part of the trip off road. Looking for advice:

Original thinking is maybe head to Leadville, do Hagerman Pass over to Basalt, down to Aspen. I also see there's a trail from Eagle down to the Hagerman pass road too. We'll be traveling solo, I have 31 AT's, 2" lift, winch, pull pal, etc, and a Sat phone. Don't want to get on a trail that is misrepresented on timing (for example a 3 hr trip becomes 9hrs, but I know the "risks" of off roading) because my wife's along, and an enjoyable scenic drive for a couple day getaway is the goal.

Any thoughts? Also, if there are any members in the area that would be willing to give me their contact info in case I do run into trouble, that would be awesome, please PM me. I've been going to Vail for 30 years, this will be my first time off roading, I hope to make it a regular deal.

Also, I'm thinking about doing the McAllister gulch trail on a different day, anything unexpected there? Can a stock Wrangler make it along with me?

I really appreciate the comments everyone, thanks so much.
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