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Thanks for the encouragement and the gear oil recommendations. But how many mini-trucks run 5.29 gears? Those are pretty steep teeth!
Lots and lots. It's the ratio of choice at this altitude.

The sound persists and yes, my rear driveshaft slip yoke is pretty much cashed and my pinion angle doesn't quite match my t-case angle, and I watched my driveshaft spin while up on jackstands and the slip yoke appears to be put on the driveshaft at a slight angle (It just doesn't look right going round 'n' round!) Maybe the yoke is bent or heat warped. so yeah, that might be part of it, but it sounds like pinion bearings.
Ummmmmm.... I think you found the issue.... even though it sounds like pinion bearings. Pretty soon... it *will* be pinion bearings!!!
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Oh, you cagey fellow... I think you know why. Hafta tell ya, you won't put the same stresses on a minitruck diff that them racer boy cars do. Won't happen. Whole different kinda stresses. Mobil1 will work just dandy, so will Valvoline dino for that matter. Mobil1 will find any marginal seals though, so you can replace them! Bonus...
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