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Bringing this to the top. It never did get as soft as I wanted it. I was still waking up several times a night and my shoulder blades would occasionally be hurting.

So we put the 4" foam topper on top of it we bought to make our previous pillow top bearable. It was much better and I was sleeping better. Bonni didn't like it because it was too cushy and after a while asked me to take it off. If momma aint happy, nobody's happy.

She did want the Allure Tempur-pedic which is a firm bed for one of these types, my favorite was one of the softer, but we bought the Allure bed two years ago.

So we are looking for queen mattresses for our guest room (Rachel's old room) and I decide to try the latest Tempur-pedic bed while I am there. It's called the cloud bed. I really liked it and started thinking about making the guest room a King (hadn't bought furniture yet) and swapping out this new cloud bed. It was right next to the Allure and I could go back and forth and feel the difference. It was HUGE

BUT THEN I NOTICED, the cloud bed was on one of those ergo bases where you could adjust the head and foot elevation, so I laid it flat and then compared the two beds and didn't notice much difference.

Hmmmm, I asked the sales man to put the Allure mattress on the adjustable base. Flat felt like home and then I raised the head a bit . a bit more . a little bit more. then a bit on the foot. Ahhh, huge difference. Bought it last night and had it delivered today and when you put it flat (like before) it feels so uncomfortable compared to a little adjustment.

I know you can get these for regular mattresses as well. Point is, this adjustable base seems to make a huge difference and you may want to try that if you have an expensive mattress, but just can't get comfortable.

I looked at that WOW furniture place near park meadows. What a rip off. Their prices are inflated and they even had this marked ABOVE the manufacturers list. Went to Mattress firm and they cut me a great deal with great customer service.

I'll try and remember to update after I have slept on this a bit
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