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Originally Posted by green machine
why not just use the slee weld in's?

That would be the easiest, trust me! And Slee's stuff is sweet. But thats also $210+ of which I don't have... I know, I know I just bought bilsteins, BUT...I sold stuff to buy those, no out of pocket money.

For the rear there are two options, both DIY,

1: like mabrodis did, cost ya around $25ish=$30ish...weld in inserts, all-tread...

2: change the mount on the axle or frame or both...this just is steel brackets of which I can get all the scrap steel pieces I want for free to fab that...that puts me $105 ahead

For the front, maybe not so easy...

1: MAF has solid rod adjustables for $170ish, is the OEM steel that much different??? If there is no issues, then cut it, tap it and put a coupler on there. i'd imagine done for under $25.00 IF there isn't any issues.

2: Couldn't you just cut a chunk out of the panhard, Sleave it with dom, throw in the inserts/all-thread method and be out $30ish plus dom(unless again you can get it for free )

So thats why for possibly under $50 I could have both ends done...if that makes sense...or makes me a BEYOND cheap bastard?

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