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seems like the cheapest bastard way! I have the correct DOM for the front sleaving, the rear I just need inserts... continuing with the CB way...

Here are the front mount/conversions...They have these adapters for sale from various places for about $35~$45 a pair...So for the front you'd be in close to $100. Being that I'm a CB, I decided to try my own for the front and upcoming bilsteins.

I used a scrap chunk of 2" X 3" X 1/4" square tubing, because thats what i had Cut it down to the measurement in the picture. 2" X 1.5" X 2" Popped the hole in the bottom for mounting, and holes through the side to mount the shock in.

Now the problem I *may* have is the ID mimght be a bit to large for the shock bushing. Worst case, I'll have to shim with washers, kinda but for the moment. I'll get them installed tonight and see how they all fit. but for now, the pics...pic is crappy cameraphone...
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