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Default need mechanic for my Ford

I have a 90's Ford F250 Diesel that I use at my hauling/work/farm/etc truck. The beast runs and drives great, but could use some basics and some cosmetic stuff fixed. I am just way too busy to mess with it, but would love to pay some RS guy who could use some cash to fix'er up for me. Here is what it needs (that I know of...)

The only mechanical thing wrong is it seems to leak diesel fuel from the engine...I remember Ige having issues with her Powerstroke (mine is the last year of the non power stroke motors) leaking fuel from the bowl. Not sure of this is the same issue, but seems better lately???

You have to have power-lifter legs to start this have to really push on the brake to get it to start. I think Tim looked one time and said that a new clutch would fix it. I hope so, my legs are tired after starting it a few times!

Emergency brake does not work....looks like just a broken wire, and the brake light also stays on all the time.

No interior door handle on the drivers side.

Front seats are majorly bent/broken...probably just need to find new ones at the junkyard.

Trailer wiring needs to be moved, existing wires are for a 3rd wheel and need to get moved back to the hitch.

Minor stuff...broken mirror, air only comes out defrost vents, not regular vents, tailgate does not open, etc.

If you are a mechanic who could use a few bucks, let me know. Would much rather pay you that take it somewhere. You can even just take it home and work on it there.

Thanks RS!

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