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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Looks awesome Matt! I love reading your documentations. I'm all about the details, and I love the time you put into your projects!

Didn't realize you were in an appt, but if you ever need tools, or a place to tinker for an afternoon, feel free to swing on by!
Thanks Isaac, my parents live pretty close by and have almost all the tools I need. And Air Randy is just a little further in case I need a lift

Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
I will follow this closely. I am hankering for OBA, the CO2 tank is great but it takes up a lot of space if I can stuff a pump under the hood.
Yeah, I like the idea of infinite air too vs. a CO2 tank.

Originally Posted by RedCreeper View Post
Not sure how much info you have on the plumbing but make sure you have oil. I have a Sanden from a Ford 302 on mine and was not told about it from the PO and almost smoked it. If you go on the Front Range forum and search on board air there is some good info and online to. I am sure you know this but just throwing it out there. If your not running a tank may want to think about it. So you dont have to run the compressor all the time. I have a 5 gal tank and when it worked it was great. nice start. good luck.
Thanks Kenny, that's good advice. I know just enough to know that this should work for what I want to have done. I'm thinking of just doing a manual oiling process, rather than having it automated. That might come later if I feel like I need it.

I'll look into it a little more and post up more info as I find it, as far as CFM rating goes etc.

I don't think I'll start with a surge tank, but I have been keeping an eye on other fellas' setups because I'm sure eventually I'll want one. I am planning on getting a water/oil separator though, me wants dry air.

Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Need more detail in how you have to modify things to use the existing air pump mounts. But based on your other projects, I know you'll provide excellent detail.
Well, I'll try to take pictures, but it goes like this: Remove air pump and associated plumbing, and then blacksmith the tensioning arm until it lines up where you want it

I'll get some pictures once I get the pump mounted to get a good look at the alignment.
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