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Originally Posted by subzali
so got the truck aligned. Just for grins what are the toe-in specs for a 40?
I think it's right around 0... -1 to +1, +-2 ?? I can't remember.

Originally Posted by subzali
There's a lot of play in the steering box, which I should have seen before but somehow missed? . Does this dude wear out pretty often? Any adjustments? Cheap/easy to get/replace? I know you suckas are gonna tell me that I shoulda done powa' steering instead of replacing my TREs, center arm and steering box, but what can you do...I'm in college, I'm a newb, so I tried to be methodical and I guess I got burned on this one...:frown:
There is a sector shaft adjustment. Basically lift the front end. Tighten the adjustement while moving the steering where back and forth til there is resistence. Then I usually loosen it a tad something like 1/4 turn maybe more. Just to where the wheel doesn't have resistence. Then tighten the lock nut. They can be rebuilt.
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