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Update: this meter indicates MILLIgauss! So the "5" is first of all 5 milliGauss and second of all, invalid because the meter only measures up to 300 Hz.

readout in both milliGauss and microTesla
wide range: 0.1-199.9 mG; 0.01-19.99 microT
accuracy: 4% ±3 digits at 50/60 Hz

The meter is a non-scientific lutron 822-a. I found some specs for it in French. I really only consider the results as a relative indication. It looks like the meter only measures up to 300Hz so I guess the HT test is completely useless. I was measuring atoms with a ruler. Even if i was reading 5 Gauss on the HT antenna, I guess that means you probably shouldn't stick the antenna in your ear when you transmit.




Largeur de bande
Nombre d’axes
Dépassement de la gamme
Temps d’échantillonnage
Température de fonctionnement

13mm ŕ cristaux liquides, 3 ˝ digits,
indication maximale 199.9
Deux fonctions: micro Tesla & milli-
20µTesla x 0.01µTesla
200mGauss x 0.1 mGauss
*1 µTesla = 10mGauss
30Hz – 300Hz
axe simple
± (4% + 3d) ŕ 50Hz ou 60Hz
Indication ‘1’
± 0.4 sec.
9V CC type 006P, 6F22
± 3mA CC
0°C ŕ 50°C

5 gauss (indicated, probably not actual due to meter limitation) on the meter was achieved with the meter laying right across the middle of a 1' whip in direct contact with the antenna of the HT.

The bottom of the washing machine and dryer where the motors reside returned much lower readings than right on the knobs. The control panel of the microwave was about 24 gauss even when not cooking something. I bet it has a big step down transformer for the control panel too. The readings were no different when the microwave was cooking.

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