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Originally Posted by FJBen
My 14" Bilsteins came in today for the rear and the front I'll be running 12" Steins, I don't see any issues with the front unseating, the rear will be a problem. So I will retain those so I get some negative pull from it.

I know the rear will still pull out as the extended length is 35" on those 14" shocks...Worst case I will probably loose 1/2"~3.4" on compression s these bilsteins have a longer collapsed length than the Pro-comps that were on there.

I don't have any pics of the pieces not installed... But I may pull them out again to document it better. They basically look just like that 3d pic.

i'm wondering if I'm going to have any panhard issues with that much flex. I'm getting the parts to adjust them with this next week. I'll make a mount on the axle for the rear and the front I'm a bit baffelled.

Any reason to NOT thread that front solid rod??? and run a coupler setup? otherwise I'll just sleeve and then add inserts and go that route.
The droop issue will be interesting - retaining coils at the top may shorten their useful lift as standard coils are not designed to be stretched beyond static length. If it is only a small amount, then I'd retain on the axle end and let the coil come a bit down the tower.

I know this isn't super cheap, but now that you've endeavored to go long travel you should do the rear panhard with heims on both ends. On the front a cut and sleeve I'd think would be fine.

And it is time to sell those Slee arms for the cash you need to build the front
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